Who Needs CrackZapIt!?
Who Uses It??

The answer to the question, "Who Needs CrackZapIt!?" is amazing.

There are so many people who suffer from finger cracks of some sort.

I've been involved in A LOT of the different hobbies, occupations, and conditions that can bring about cracks on hands and feet, and especially fingers, finger tips, and thumbs.

WE are folks who need CrackZapIt!  But...

In order to thank you for looking through the list, I'm going to be adding links with interesting or valuable information for each 'who needs CrackZapIt!' job or activity description!

So read on and see if one of these applies to you or someone you know.

If you don't find your hobby or occupation or condition listed, OR if YOU have a favorite, valuable or interesting link, PLEASE, go here and use the  CONTACT form! Thanks!

  • Rural Lifestyle 'addicts' Yes, this would be ME and so many more of you! We love it 'out here'! But we are always fixing and improving things around the place and our hands can take some serious abuse!  See one of the 30 Murdoch's stores, if you're one like me.
  • Ranchers and Farmers Exactly as above, just bigger responsibilities and a 24/7 schedule to boot!
  • Adventure Racers (which includes a whole BUNCH of kinds of racing) and Mountain Bike, single track Racers.

    These radical sporties are all set up for chafing, wet-dry cycles on their hands and fingers and really need what we have to offer!

    If you're interested in Adventure Racing/Xtreme Sports, Events, Racing Gear, Enthusiasm and tons more! you want to go to Kim's scary site!
  • Painters, both professional and DIY house, car, and boat painters need CrackZapIt! (Hey, I painted all the 'AFTER' walls and painted furniture in these photos).
  • Artists who paint in most any media like oil, water color, acrylic, enamels, you name it, are 'need CrackZapIt!' folks!

    I've painted cars, houses, and been an oil and water color artist...murder on finger skin...

    Dry paint, or drying paint, pulls out fingertip moisture AND thin layers of skin when it's peeled off. Cracks coming?..You need CrackZapIt!'
  • Ceramic artists and Potters. Did it for years as an artist, craft fair exhibitor, school teacher. I'm not sure there IS anything more drying! Who needs it? There you have it!

            By the way, click on this link to go to the Clay Gallery!

           For Ceramic Supplies, go to Axner.com! (opens a new window)

  • Woodcutters? Who needs CrackZapIt!? I love my wood stove heat in the mountains of Colorado in the Winter... But I tend to cut my rounds in the Fall, and chop my wood as I need it in the Winter - good exercise, for one!

    But when it's cold, if I have to take a glove off for WHATEVER reason, I have so often had finger cracks develop almost immediately.

    Dry, freezing cold, lack of circulation, you name it; makes me say, "I NEED it!" (CrackZapIt!)
  • Woodworkers Great if you can keep from cuts and splinters, but when it comes to SANDING...shoot, if you do it, you know how dry it is, you KNOW finger cracks..If you're really blessed, you are one of the 'who uses CrackZapIt! bunch.
  • Construction Workers Ok, we use gloves when we're digging ditches, stacking forms, greasing equipment.

    But when the SNACK truck comes by, or you have to PAY your buddy that little sports bet, or you need a stick of gum or WHATEVER, off comes the glove!

    ...Dry and cold, a few times.. cracks a' comin'...Who needs CrackZapIt!?..
  • Carpenters Inside, where the SALAMANDERS are roarin', you rarely wear your gloves...need I say more in light of the above?

    Outside, or FRAMING, besides being rough work at times, you can't escape being subject to cold.

    And as a trim carpenter doing crown molding, custom built-ins and more, I found that lots of little 'fixes' with shims, glue, sanding, even using 'bondo' from time to time, all took a toll  on my fingers!

    By the way, Gary Allen, at

    Carpentry Tips and Tricks REALLY knows what he's doing and you will benefit mightily from going to his site to get the clues he and I've picked up over many years of blood, sweat, and tears!(not to mention finger cracks!)
  • Gardeners This is a lot like working with clay if you take that glove off!

    I LIKED the feel of the cool, dark earth when I was a landscaper, setting a plant, making a basin, planting a start...

    ..and who can properly wind-proof-tie a young tree with gloves on? Gardeners are 'who needs CrackZapIt!'

    Wet! Dry! The moisture sucking quality of drying wet earth on your fingers KEEPS drying until it SUCKS OUT all the moisture in your fingers..The gardener who uses CrackZapIt! will convert red (bleeding) thumbs to GREEN (happy) thumbs!
  • Modelers All kinds! Tranes, planes, and automobiles! Paints, glues, solvents, abrading little parts, sandpaper, cuts, this hobby has it all.

    But I love it! And more so now that I have CrackZapIt! I'm a 'who needs CrackZapIt! guy, no doubt! {;>)

    Take this link to see an R/C, 2 Meter, easy to repair foam, Ready-To-Fly Electric Powered Glider that is a Blast! (like the yellow one on the wall here)

    Go to RC Forums and find the thread - everyone loves it! This was my second plane after teaching myself to fly a Mini-SuperCub!
  • Rock climbers Not my personal cup of cappuccino, but almost all rock climbers use extremely drying rosin powder in order to get

    a firm grip on the rock so they can live to do it tomorrow!

    Oh, and did I say rock by nature is, uh, ROUGH? If you have a rock climbing friend or relative, they'll love you for giving them CrackZapIt!
  • Electricians Haven't been one, but did some of my own wiring for sure. This is one of the most intense 'finger' jobs EVER!

    I know the pros have figured out how to do lots of it with pliers, but still, older electricians, especially, tell me the worst thing after accidentally playing 'Sparky' on the job, is finger cracks!

    A definite 'who uses CrackZapIt!'group if there ever was one!

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