Don't Let Cracked Heels Ruin Your Summer!
(Or ANY Season!)

I never thought about painful, cracked heels growing up as a beach kid in Southern California - in fact, as soon as Summer finally came, my feet had little desire to be stuffed into hot, sweaty, restrictive shoes!

My pals and I were barefoot from the get go, braving hot asphalt, burning hot sand, climbing on the sharp, prickly rocks at the beautiful Mediterranean-like beaches where we grew up, having no care if our beds got a little sandy, living in swim shorts...Real 'gremmies' before the word was coined.

As I grew older, my favored footwear was 'Zoris', or flip flops, and 'huaraches', or Mexican open sandals.

...Then it began: Thick, by now, calluses on my heels... Impervious to many other things, now they began cracking. I'd ignore that for a while, but cracked heels, as you well know, would get to a certain point where just putting my foot down to walk normally REALLY HURT!

"OK", I thought, "just ignore it and don't whine." Much easier said then done! I'd try some cream-or-other, awkwardly slip around in my rubber 'flops', and finally end up having to put restrictive (definitely not 'beachy') shoes and socks on for however long it took to heal up that crack and get back to my ocean loving lifestyle. (days and days to barely get better?)

In my mid thirties, I eventually moved from the ocean to a dry climate in SW Colorado...and I still liked to wear open shoes or sandals in the Summer after the long, cold Winter has passed.

But now the problem intensified, as the painful cracks in my heels came on suddenly and more often...

But, by this time, I had far greater trouble with cracking fingertips (especially thumbs) most all the year. I tried every 'miracle', 'awesome', 'working guy hand cream', whatever, I could find...

Fast forward a few years. I'm a bit of a creative type, a tinkerer, a model maker, a carpenter, artist, teacher. I'm willing to dive in and solve a new problem.

So, jumping into skin care research, especially skin care therapy based on natural ingredients, I began experimenting. A little bit like Mr. Edison, I kept experimenting until I concocted a stick in a lip balm tube, mostly made of beeswax with plenty of soothing, natural healing aid ingredients  that FINALLY WORKED and ended my pain and discomfort!

Of course, that (final) experiment is now a commercial product called CrackZapIt!, the subject of this web site. After discovering the 'cure' for my cracking finger skin condition, it dawned on me to use it on, yes, CRACKED HEELS -

The results were and are SO REWARDING! So if you suffer from cracked heels for any reason, (but usually due to 'our' addiction to open shoes - especially you ladies), CRACKZAPIT! is the answer.

I make sure the tube is about body temperature, (not too stiff from being in a cool spot), roll out a 1/4" or so of material, and push it into a heel crack, filling it entirely. (I also rub it into the hard edge of callus between callus and soft skin).

I do put on a sock (usually I do this at night). If I've let the crack go for way too long, I might repeat this process for up to 3 days, wearing socks and shoes during the day...Often, with a new crack, one application at night with a sock on, and one in the morning, has served me really well, and I'm back in 'footloose' action again!

I'm sure you will be as happy as I have been with the results. Please enjoy reading about the natural ingredients and other facts about CrackZapIt! on this website, where you can get it! And please don't forget! Contact us and let me know how it's worked for you.


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