Free CrackZapIt! Offer: Here's How You Win!

WIN FREE CRACKZAPIT!?...No Way! Nothing's for Free! YES!

OK, here's how:

People all over the country are hearing about CrackZapIt!, but don't know how to get it locally. Sure, it's available on line (just click on the Duluth and Axner logos on any of these pages), but you have to like shopping on the internet...

There are 5000 True Value Hardware stores, and we're Official Vendor # 6045. BUT, we have to market to each store ourselves.

Corporate HQ will only want to take the risk of buying huge amounts of CrackZapIt! and warehousing it, putting it in their owner/member online catalog, promoting us in their on line newsletters, after we demonstrate appropriate demand.

Hmmmm. How to solve that problem? Wait! Got it! Offer free CrackZapIt! to folks who..

ask their local (or any other) True Value Hardware stores to contact us, and order some CrackZapIt! so everyone can buy it locally!

And if you are a Handyman Club of America member, take the Feb/Mar'12 issue to your True Value and SHOW THEM the Test results 'ad' on pg 58! Great idea!

SO THAT'S IT! If your True Value Hardware owner/ordering person

  1. Contacts me -
  2. Places an order

..THEN I will send you 3 tubes of CrackZapIt! That's at least a $12 value, not counting shipping and handling, just for the asking!

I don't think you can beat that with a stick! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

If even 1000 of you out there across the country succeed at getting your True Value Hardware to make a minimum order of 50 tubes that comes with a Raz-Ma-Taz counter top display box, we will have conquered corporate America together! Woooooot!

Don't forget! Tell 'em we're Vendor # 6045, contact me,, and give 'em your Contact Information!



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