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Rock climbers, on the face of dry rock, in deserts or mountains in dry air...

...Moisture sucking, but absolutely essential, chalk powder making sure their fingers don't slip on the 36 grit abrasive rock...

Standard procedure...Result: Finger cracks, often bleeders, can be a painful consequence.

Down from a Telluride, CO climbing challenge at Ophir Wall?  Now it's time to let CrackZapIt! help get those cracks closed up.

HOWEVER, this page has much less to do with offering you the benefits of CZI! This page is just for you, a little thank you!

  • I live near Telluride in SW Colorado... human 'spider' activity of all sorts abounds all over this area from desert walls, alpine boulders, to frozen waterfalls.

    Check out local Damon Johnston's website for routes, awesome photography and 'Adventures With Nomad'

Here's some more local outdoor contact info if you come to the Telluride area:

  • Jagged Edge, Outdoor equipment, 970 728 9307
  • Boot Doctors, THE best custom adjusters of all ski boots, 
  • 970 728 4525, -4581, -8954
  • Paragon Ski and Sport, 970 728 8009
  • San Juan Outdoor School Adventures, 970 728 4101 
  • Complete, personal, custom vacation adventure packages for singles to multi-age groups from kids camps to vertical rock 'hiking' and mountaineering, to casual local hiking-gourmet, (special-needs, if desired) lunches available.Find them here.

I'll post more good stuff here from time to time. And if you have cool climbing stuff you'd like to see, CONTACT me and I'll take a look at it for possible future inclusion!



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