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The user contact CrackZapIt! page is VERY important.

Thanks for coming to this page! We value your input and we aim to please you and learn from you. And, of course, we want your great testimonials!

We will do our best to answer your questions, look at and consider your suggestions, and covet those permission statements that come with your testimonials.

Although the main use of CrackZapIt! is to give relief and allow the natural healing process of the body to take place, we're ALSO interested in whatever OTHER uses you might come up with for our product!

For instance, since a tube of CrackZapIt! is always in my pocket, I thought to use it to lubricate the motor/battery contacts (that are usually hard to get apart) in my Hobby Zone Super Cub R/C plane. Works great!

So we expect an interesting and creative user contact! CrackZapIt! is natural, soothing, and VERSATILE! {;>)

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