Exposed Skin Care - CrackZapIt! Meets The Challenge!

Exposed skin care, or care for skin that has become dry and cracked due to extended exposure to extreme environmental conditions (such as sunburn, rough surfaces abrasion, chemical contact or immersion), should first be evaluated by a health professional or dermatologist if the symptoms are serious.

It's important for you to be sure you don't have an exposed skin care condition that needs medical evaluation and treatment beyond the topical, cosmetic, (but effectively relieving) application of a healing aid for skin cracks on the order of CrackZapIt!

Once a determination has been made, but you still have a situation of extreme drying of exposed skin that has caused the skin at the corners of your finger nails' forward edges to harden (becoming 'stress risers') and then painfully crack (and even pop open like an overcooked hot dog), THEN you can seek relief through our product.

As I've explained in articles on the web, I've been no stranger to needing exposed skin care treatment...I rarely hesitated to put my hands in paint thinner, acetone, alcohol, catalyzed polyester resin, paint, clay, dirt, hot and gritty greasy road grime and oil grunge of old car engines and transmissions...

That's just part of the list which includes years of salt water exposure, sun exposure, drying cold exposure...TEDIOUS just to read about!

Some good hand creams that don't have drying solvents as part of their formula - (you know THAT kind; put it on, rub it in, a little relief, and 5 minutes later you can't tell the difference because the alcohols or other solvents have removed the very oils you needed - all so the TV commercial can tout, "No greasy feeling!"), can offer you some relief for the general affected skin area, but NOT the painful cracks...but

.. I'm here to tell you, typing with completely healed fingers and thumbs, that the "...greasy feeling!", including some stickiness as well, is EXACTLY what 2 of the outstanding natural ingredients  in CrackZapIt! will cause you to feel...and for just about the same 5 minutes!

But that feeling goes away naturally, (not due to any solvents), as the Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Honey are absorbed into your dry, cracked, exposed skin. Soothing, relieving, truly moisturizing conditions prerequisite to healing of your currently 'on fire' cracked finger and thumb tips is a tube of CrackZapIt! away.

Once the cracks are ministered to, turn your attention to finding and consistently using a NATURAL moisturizer with no drying solvents, if possible...Put a generous amount on the affected areas of the hands just before retiring for the night, and cover with light cotton, preferably white, (to avoid any reaction to dyes and chemical mordants), gloves.

The gloves will protect bedding, and keep more lotion on longer. Be sure to avoid having to wash hands often, or more than just a few wet/dry cycles in a day.

If you can't avoid that, completely rinse, and completely dry the hands and reapply the moisturizer every time. Seriously consider using latex or nitrile (if allergic to latex) gloves if you must expose your hands to many wet/dry cycles, soaps, or other household cleaners.

Follow these simple suggestions for exposed skin care, use CrackZapIt! to 'zap' the cracks, and you will enjoy the relief 1000s of others have!

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