You've Tried Creams, Salves, and more - But Here's How To Get Relief From Painful Dry Cracked Skin Naturally

If you're reading this, you've probably suffered the pain due to dry cracked skin on your fingertips, making it more or less impossible to do the simplest things with your hands.

Or maybe severe heel callus cracks? I've had all these skin cracks as well. (Even to the point of bleeding!)

But!...Not anymore! I tried lots of stuff, nothing worked...I made up my mind to research natural skin care ingredients, and reduced the possibilities to the following, relieving, effective formulation to  heal my dry cracked skin: (this link takes you to the 'Natural Ingredients' page of this website)

These are the essential ingredients I've used in my own natural skin care product, but I've also made it THICK and STICKY, so it gets down in and stays in cracks, allowing the natural healing power of the body to do it's work quickly.

Hi, I'm Jackson Ordean, and I've spent some years researching and experimenting with natural ingredients to find a truly effective combination to apply to the tortured skin condition I often experienced in my varied careers as a ceramic potter, artist, Art teacher, carpenter, tile layer, contractor, automotive hobbyist, model maker, gardener...'you-name-it hands on guy'.

Not only that, but growing up at the beach caused me to be a habitual sandal wearing guy in the Summer, which brings on deep and intensely painful heel callus cracks.

And, yes! ..CrackZapIt! works awesomely on those cracks, too. (Girls and ladies look so good in open shoes, but this is also a price many of them pay for the privilege...but not to fear! The answer is here)...

I succeeded not only in 'zapping' my own painful skin cracks, but now 1000s enjoy the fruits of my success: CrackZapIt!, available to all through distributors found here.

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