Where Can I Get CrackZapIt!? I Hear It's Awesome On Finger Cracks!

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 Duluth Trading Company?

 I've worked most recently in the construction trades as a trim carpenter, built-in furniture maker, and tile setter/custom shower creator.

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of DTC's catalog down at the Post Office. I noticed right off it's a completely unique offering of tradesman-designed products just for tradesmen...

Fire Hose Material Work Shorts, Longtail Shirts that help keep you from embarrassing yourself when you bend over..

..Tools that must have been made by a guy on the job who groused, "Dang it. This tool is junk... Somebody oughta' make it like THIS." And 'they' did.

DTC not only has cool stuff I like, but their humor, Art, and down-to-earth-style is right up my alley.

Laguna Clay/AXNER Pottery? These guys have been in ceramic supply for YEARS. I first became acquainted with them back when I was still in College studying with Jon Stokesbary and Jerry Rothman at CSUF.

I remember Axner, at the time independent, was the only company through whom I could find a sensor for my kiln's 'atmosphere', which has tremendous effect on glaze colors.

Laguna Clay and their 200 + distributors across the country are the 'go to' for all things Clay.

  • If you're in Lakeview, Oregon, go to HOWARD'S DRUGS , 101 North 'F' Street - Carolyn will happily supply you with the best in natural finger crack relief.
  • And if you are in North Carolina and you are a Woodworker, you'll want to go to KLINGSPOR'S WOODWORKING SHOP for quality tools and help with all your woodworking projects, hobbyist and professional alike! 
  • www.woodworking shop.com
  • They can be found in these 4 locations {;^)          

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