Who Is Jackson? The Creator Of CrackZapIt!, but there's more...

Well, this won't answer every question about 'who is Jackson Ordean?", but here are some highlights and history about the creator of CrackZapIt!

Hi, I'm Jackson, the guy with the cat {;>). I grew up on the Southern California coast in the 40's and 50's (no typo, I'm a 'mature' fellow).

I was no academic whiz, but I had a lot of fun surfing, baking in the sun, making model airplanes out of sticks, paper, and glue.

I worked on bicycles, cars and motorcycles in my spare time, worked at a gas station, became a 'glasser at Hobie Surfboards, in the mid 60's.

I got out of the Army in late '68, and went to school to learn Ceramics (Hand thrown pottery, sculpture) and get a teaching certificate.

(I know, 'who is jackson' looks like it's going long, but there's a point!)

By the early 70's, I was a potter/sculptor exhibiting at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival, and a High School Ceramics teacher.

ABOUT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE, age 30ish, I noticed that the wet/dry cycle of clay and glazes on the skin of my fingers was starting to take a toll, along with all the glue, resin, acetone, and solvent, from my other activities.

I started getting finger cracks! They hurt! Especially when I'd wind the nylon cut off line around my forefingers to cut a pitcher or vase off the potter's wheel!

'Who is Jackson' took a RADICAL turn in the late 70's when I moved to SW Colorado and started working as a carpenter, now in dry and cold half the year.

I found that if I walked outside in 10 degree weather, started chopping wood for my wood stove, and took my glove off, BANG! Almost spontaneously, the tips of my fingers would get deep, sometimes bleeding,cracks!

I then taught in a rural school, K-12 Art the next 21 years. Back to the wet/dry cycle, every period in the day, especially cleaning up after my little artists!

(Then home to, yep, chop wood in the Winter - I love wood heat! But I digress...)

During Summers and after retiring from teaching, I got into interior remodeling, sanding, painting, setting tile (the alkaline materials in mortar and grout REALLY eat up your hands!)

... And all the other finger skin abusing activities that go along with that job!

I've mentioned that I tried lots of stuff for these finger cracks, couldn't get anymore of something that 'kinda' worked (but I didn't know it was toxic back then)...

In great frustration, but still hopeful, I ended up developing CrackZapIt! for my own personal use.

Over a period of years, I PUSHED ON AND DEVELOPED THIS natural skin care therapy as a commercial product, easily carried wherever you are, easily applied to finger cracks, in a lip balm tube!

(By the way, I'll be sharing that process, developing and bringing a product to market, in my next website!)

Bottom line is that, sure, I'm making a business out of CrackZapIt!...BUT MORE THAN EQUAL TO THAT - I want to bless others with the relief that I experienced!

Well, kind of like 'swiss cheese', with a lot left out, but that gives a pretty good idea about 'who is jackson?'.

Thanks for stickin' with me! And, hey, I'm still havin' lots of fun flying model airplanes. AND LIFE IS RADICAL! {;>)

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