What Do CrackZapIt! Users Say???
"I Love It!"

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The best thing about offering CrackZapIt! as a product?? Users tell us they "...love it!"

Sharing it is the number one point. For sharing it to be a business?? A total blessing!

Here are some recent users telling us how they love it:

"I do a lot of barefooting, around the garden, backpacking, etc. As a result my heel callouses are very thick and develop serious, painful cracks around the edges.

"I've tried many solutions... Nothing has worked better or quicker than CrackZapIt!"

-Jim, Discovery Bay, WA

"Absolutely works just as you say! Pain goes away immediately for small cracks...!"

-Brent, USA

"I have been suffering with deep bleeding cracks for several years. In the Winter my hands get so painful that I can barely do the simplest things. I got Crackzapit! last week and I am so so happy with the results!

"The deep cracks started closing in a couple of days! Every time I feel my fingertips beginning to tighten I use it and it prevents the next split. Thank you so much for this product.....I can type this without band aids on on my fingers! :)"

-Laura, New York

"Hi - I'm a distributor for Laguna Clay, and as you may know, they sent out samples of your product. We love it! Thanks!"

-Sophia, Stoneleaf Pottery, Arvada, Colorado

"My husband and I have used CrackZapIt and it works! Thanks

Jackson ...!"

-Dick and Kathy, Western Colorado

"Hi~ I have been troubled for years with severe finger tip cracks- they would crack over and over and bleed. Since I am Master Gardener this product is a true blessing."

-Cathy, North Liberty, IA

"We love CrackZapIt!. It works great. All natural ingredients, no urea or petroleum. Heals hands, lips, squeaky hinges, loppers, etc..... Perfect product. We are farmers and use it many times a week."

-Mary & Matt, Cascade Orchards, Hood River, OR

"It Works! It is handy! You don't have to put a lot of goop (cream, lotion) everywhere - just on the cracks."

-Phyllis, Norwood, CO

"Hey, just wanted to let you know that we are all hooked on CrackZapIt! I had a cut on my knuckle that would not heal for about 2.5 weeks. I started using your stuff and it was pretty much gone in 24 hours! Awesome stuff! I just need to get more now, we've bragged it up to so many people, and I keep giving mine away! At least Sterling still has his so I can use it!"

-Melissa , Redvale, CO

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