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It Takes More Than One Page To "Let Me Count The Ways..." (sorry, Bill)

  • Who needs CrackZapIt!? Military Personnel! When I was in the Army in the Infantry and Cavalry, Combat Readiness was number one! Same today!

    Our young men and women are called on to act and react with singularity of purpose.

    If they are physically compromised, distracted by any physical pain, they are sub par! (You and I KNOW they are still going to do their absolute BEST - but they need all the help we can give them).

    In the hot, dry, dusty, sometimes dry-cold of Afghanistan or Iraq, dry, cracked fingers gotta' be a problem.

    If, as a civilian, I had trouble getting my pants on with two thumb cracks, what happens when a young troop has to pull the pin on a hand grenade, pull back the bolt on a .50 Cal MG, or get the ammo fed into it smoothly, all with one or more sharply painful finger cracks? Hopefully everything turns out 'uptight and alright'. But there's an empty slot on the TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) for CrackZapIt! Who needs CrackZapIt!? Boooooya!
  • Automobile mechanics, airplane, train, heavy machinery mechanics.

    Somehow working on cars, I would REALLY abuse my fingertips turning nuts, (or trying to), busting knuckles, even cutting fingers...

    (of course that requires careful cleaning, real medicine/disinfectants, and dressing)...

    But all my minor cuts and scrapes AND nasty finger cracks really benefit from CrackZapIt! Yours will, too!
  • School Teachers are prime candidates for 'who needs CrackZapIt!? Grading those English papers, drying fingers and paper cuts. Ouch!

    I did that some, but mostly I taught Art to kids and was constantly getting paint on my fingers demonstrating and helping, then cleaning up after them, all day.. wet.. dry... water and solvents. Crack, crack, crack!
  • Anybody over the age of 45 probably has noticed their skin gets dry and doesn't 'recover' like it used to! I'll put a ditto on this, dude!

    And the susceptibility to finger cracks (and foot and heel cracks) recurring over and over without a balm like CrackZapIt!, just trying to make it with hand creams, is FRUSTRATING! Our cracked foot calluses are 'who needs CrackZapIt!'

  • People who like to go barefoot at the beach or in 'Flip-Flops' in the Summer!

    Who doesn't!!

    But as I've gotten older, I notice it's easier to develop a crack somewhere on the calluses of my feet. Not Good! If I let it go to the point it hurts, I usually slather up with CrackZapIt! and put a sock in it.  

    Er, I mean, 'ON' it!{;>) Seriously, I do that 3 days in a row and I'm good to go.
Flip Flop Feet Get Callus Cracks
  • Diabetics If you get regular blood tests by poking your fingers, you KNOW finger cracks.

    I'd check with my doctor, (JUST TO BE SURE!), because of the honey content of CrackZapIt!, but I'm pretty sure it's not a problem, and it REALLY HELPS!
  • Concrete Workers and Tile Setters are continually working with SERIOUSLY ALKALINE materials.

    You TRY to keep those rubber gloves ON, but sometimes you just can't: Using a margin trowel finishing a garage apron...

    ..yankin' that glove off to adjust a tile because you don't want the little 'doughnuts' of mortar-water on your tile.

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