Who Needs CrackZapIt!? Who Uses It?? Page 3

Seriously, Many, Many Folks Need It.

The list of 'who needs CrackZapIt!? is so long, I had to take a break-  Went to fly my 2 meter R/C glider, but it was too windy...

Just a quick flight up, and a fortunate 'landing'. So I went back to the basement shop and did some repairs on my Super Cub on Floats! OK, back to work...

  • Surfboard workers I was one! Back in the day, anyway.

    Worked for Hobie, 'Glassing Phil (Edwards') Boards.

    Phil even tried to teach me to shape -  as a Rookie First Class, I learned how to scrape the skin off my fingers to bleeding without even knowing it!

    You don't feel a blank while you're shaping it... You shape by eye almost exclusively). Well, anyway...

    Sanders, 'Glassers, Hot-coaters, Glossers, Gluers, Fin makers, all surfboard workers in the industry benefit...no, need CrackZapIt!
  • Boat builders -Me in the future - I have plans to build a 22', maybe stretched to 24', Bartender inboard.

    A man who left the planet not that long ago, Mr. George Calkins, created Bartender Boats in the 50's and 60's especially for use over rough, dangerous Oregon coast river bars, and they were even adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard and Australian Life Saving Service - My fav boat!

    Both wooden boat builders and fiberglass  boat builders experience most all the finger skin PUNISHING work listed above, but also work with epoxies, toxic bottom paint, catalyzed paint, and more that can do even more damage.

    Who uses CrackZapIt!? HAPPY Boat builders!
  • Gunsmiths, similar to woodworkers, also work with files, rasps, small sharp parts (ever taken a trigger assembly apart to file the sear for better action?...

    Gripping those little parts really stresses the skin of my fingers!)...There's a gunsmith out there right now putting together custom firearms who needs CrackZapIt! And a few 1000 more DIY gun enthusiasts who do, too!
  • Plumbers! Man, you know it's a good idea to wear those tough but flexible little gray gloves when you're de-burring the end of a copper pipe in readiness to solder a joint...

    But there are just those times when the glove has to come off. Everything you touch abrades, or eats into, or otherwise wears down your finger skin.

    (Tear off that residue of black ABS glue, and whadda'ya have? VULNERABLE, thin finger skin!)

    YEP, YOU are one of the 'who NEEDS CrackZapIt!?' men or rare women plumbers!
  • Musicians  You bet There are string players, especially Harpists, who suffer open cracks on their fingers. And Bass players. Who needs CrackZapIt!? They do...

    And Cello players, Guitarists, Mandolin, Banjo, and even Oud and Sitar players are subject to finger skin stress that many times results in split fingertip skin! YOU KNOW what to do... make smooth harmony... be a musician who uses CrackZapIt!
  • Fishermen (Whew! I'm gettin' tired making this list - There are sooo many people who need CrackZapIt!, I gotta' get out there and make sure it gets to 'em!

    I'll just throw in single words for those who use CrackZapIt! or need to, from here on!)
  • Roughnecks, Oil Rig Workers (Oops! I forgot - one word)
  • Jewelers
  • Could it be most everyone??When I think of more folks who need CrackZapIt!, or you guys send me more, I'll put 'em in! 

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I have found they work best together by applying the CRACKZAPIT first to any open areas, then apply the O'Keefe's. Then enjoy your painfree healing hands! "