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The Clay Gallery, page 3

Handbuilt Clay Self- (and dog) portrait

This is a potters oldie but goodie of my dog and I zonked out at the beach.

Appropriately titled, Old Man and His Dog at The Beach

Cone 10 gas reduction, colored clays and underglaze applied 'sans' clear on the trunks.

Little, about 10" in diameter.

Another in a series of tall combo hand and thrown pots, 22" tall.

I threw the 'nozzle' and base pieces, then layed out a large slab, drew Fantasy Portrait of My Wife to Be with a sharp stick...

..stood it up and joined it around a cylinder form covered with newspaper, which acts as a 'release' so you can get the plastic cylinder out.

(Told ya that earlier, but repetition is an important tenant of teaching, and I just can't he'p it!) {;>)

I let it harden up just a bit, and then pushed the forms out from the inside for a bas relief effect. Allowed it to dry a bit more and then put it on the base, attached the 'nozzle'.

Cone 5 Electric, underglazes/engobes.

Handbuilt and Thrown Relief Sculpture Vase
Tall Relief Portrait Slab and Thrown Vase

This is the tallest in the series, 24"...

...of the future wife fantasy portraits, Wife With Flowers By The Window

Cone 5 Electric with underglazes/engobes, same kind of construction.

(Could'a called it 'Hair Like A Cloud').

These pots sure helped me focus my anxiety/anticipation waiting for the (best) wife!

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