Olive Oil Has Been Known For Centuries For Its Beneficial Skin Care Effects

CrackZapIt! utilizes Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as one of its main natural ingredients. The really GOOD stuff!

Through out known history, it's been used for cosmetic, soothing, healing qualities for skin. Cleopatra used it!

Below I list some of the beneficial claims made for this well loved oil...you should look them up for yourself, too.

  • Rich in Vitamins A and E, and many others.
  • Contains many Anti-Oxidants, especially Squalene, a moisturizing one that contains high levels of collagen (the GOOD kind), which builds up skin structure.
  • Fatty Acids that our skin incorporates...that literally means to 'take into the body'.
  • Recommended by the longest living human of modern times, Jeanne Calment: 121 years!! She said she rubbed it on her skin every day. This is fun trivia, too, so look it up and enjoy!

She claimed to have met Vincent Van Gogh at age 13! Wow I would love to have been able to give her a tube of CrackZapIt! I'm sure she would have recommended it, too!

But I believe YOU will recommend CrackZapIt! to all your friends and relatives who suffer with finger cracks, and THAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT! Thanks!

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