Beeswax Is The Foundation Natural Ingredient Of CrackZapIt!

Beeswax is also the leading wax foundation for skin therapy products.

Many beneficial claims are made for it, and can be found on the web by searching for 'beeswax benefits'.

Here is a short list of claimed benefits I found:

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Emollient (Moisturizer).
  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Vitamin A (Skin cell development aid).
  • *Non-Allergenic *Note: See my note at the top of the 'Ingredients' page.

A very few people ARE allergic to this wax! No laughing matter for them. These are the few folks who have symptoms of sores on their lips after using commercial lip balms, almost all of which contain it.

It is difficult to find folks who have experienced this, but I DO know at least one such person. Would bee wax based cosmetics like CrackZapIt! cause any negative effects applied to a bleeding finger crack one of these folks had?

I sure don't know. (I don't think so). But just like the greater number of folks who experience toxic allergic to bee stings, I would completely avoid ALL bee related products if I was allergic to bee stings or their wax.

I'm making a deal out of this, because honesty and transparency are more important to me than profit. I'm sure you are able to determine if you are one of the possibly 3-in-a-100 folks who might be allergic to bee products.

IF NOT, consult with a medical doctor, dermatologist, etc. before using ANY bee related products. ALWAYS READ INGREDIENTS LABELS ON EVERYTHING YOU BUY! Just makes sense, right?

If you use/have used most commercial lip balms with no adverse effects, you are PROBABLY not allergic to this wax. I would rather stress this here than have anyone say they had never heard about this rare allergy.

CrackZapIt! was designed by me, for me, and anyone else like me that is not at all adversely affected by bee products.

If you are like me, you will LOVE CrackZapIt! for it's therapeutic effects for skin crack PREVENTION, as well as helping your body's miraculous, natural healing to take place quickly!

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