Honey is a fascinating ingredient...but

Traditional 'folk medicine' has made very positive claims for the medicinal benefits of honey to help heal wounds and burns, as an embalming substance, and more, for literally centuries...but...

My original home-lab developed formula...

MY original home-lab developed formula contained quite a bit of honey, in fact more than anything made by "So and so's Bees".  I did not realize until much later two things....

FIRST, in a small batch, say a 100 tubes as in my experience, mixing a warmed batch of balm is quick, and the mixing only stops just before the tubes are filled.  

Under industrial manufacturing conditions, filling 10,000 tubes or more, the larger batch pots and slower filling allows the Honey to separate from the batch to a great extent! 

All kinds of non chemical emulsifiers were tried.  One seemed, or I was informed it did, to keep the Honey mixed in. Great!

Ultimately, in late 2022, I was informed that it was finally discovered that early on, the batching technicians had been raking off and disposing of any Honey that separated and remained in the batch pots after tube filling! 

Hardly any honey had really EVER been retained in the formula all this time!! 

I was also informed that if I did not officially, radically, reduce the amount of Honey in the formula, this particular contract manufacturer would not want my business anymore!  

We decided we didn't really want theirs anyway....

SECOND, in 2023 we found another, smaller, more intimate, responsive and reliable contract manufacturer, (Yay!) Eco Lips in Cedar Rapids, IA.

We worked together for months to adjust CrackZapIt! to be just as helpful as before, but now containing far less Honey.  The new formula, in my opinion, is just as good as my original formula....(How can that be?)

Why the new formula is just as good...

From the beginning, I've said, and it's found elsewhere on my website here, that the #1 'Secret' to the effectiveness of CrackZapIt! is the THICKNESS of the Beeswax/Olive oil design. 

It's so simple. 

In fact, I have always formulated it thick (to a fault in some folks' minds), and that's why I often say: 

"Keep it warm (in a pocket or other method) so it's softer, use a thumbnail or other tool to scrape off the 'square' edge at the top of a new stick, and apply that now soft scraping to a painful crack." 

Once the crack begins to heal, the now rounded, warm material is much easier to apply without much discomfort at all. 

It's on my left thumb and left forefinger as I write this...  Because it works! {;^)

I personally have chosen not to make any medicinal claims myself for CrackZapIt! or it's ingredients, other than it is a soothing, wax rich coating that has sure worked wonders in aiding MY body heal bleeding finger cracks quickly! 

My body does the healing.

MY experience, and it could be different from yours. 

We are all unique individuals and what works for even a majority of users (as it does) may not work for a minority of just as important people!

If you haven't tried it yet, go get some!

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Folks  Who Love CrackZapIt! say, 

"Because it Works!"

"Thank you so much for this wonderful product. As an art teacher and child care giver I was washing my hands quite a bit. It wasn't long before I developed those painful cracks on my fingers. It got to the point where I couldn 't do the crafts I enjoy. I've tried everything but nothing worked until I used CrackZapit! Hooray! I will certainly be spreading the word about this miracle in a tube as I keep spreading it on my sore, cracked digits.Thanks again ! "

-Janet in Philadelphia, PA 

"We purchased CrackZapIt! On vacation this summer at Murdoch's in Craig, Colorado. My husband gets horrible cracks on his thumb and I noticed this at the checkout counter. I thought," Why not? "And purchased a tube. OMG! This was the best purchase ever !! His thumb cracks disappeared within a day. We both used it on our trip through Colorado to Yellowstone and Glacier. We now recommend it to everyone ... Thanks for a great product. "

-Nancy, Omaha, NE, 

"This is the only stuff that worked on my hand cracks .... and I've turned it on to my bartender friends in Mexico Beach, FL and they loved it !!!" (Ed.Note: Yes! It works in humid Florida where folks STILL get finger and thumb cracks!)


"I have eczema on my fingers and I tried CRACK ZAP IT and it was very soothing. It healed up so quickly like magic! It has helped tremendously and I decided to carry one tube in my purse all the time. My husband tried it on his cracked finger tips, it worked great and the result was amazing. We want to buy a few CRACK ZAP IT so we can give them as gifts to our friends and family .... "


" During the winter months, my fingers crack right at the tip on the edge of the nail. In addition to being painful it's hard to do small delicate tasks because of soreness and bandaids. I used CrackZapIt one time and over night my fingers were starting to heal and I could get rid of the bandaids. This is a "must carry in your pocket" for anyone who works outdoors. "


"I carry a tube with me all the time. It's always available to use at any time and really stops the pain of finger cracking. It helps heal the cracks in the creases of my fingers. In the winter time I'm never without it ! "


"Great for those cracks on your fingertips. I love it so much I'm getting some for my mom. Better than anything I've ever tried!"

-New Hampshire

"Heals dry cracked and bleeding fingers like magic. Nothing else even comes close. Its the only way we can get through the winter around here! Don't ever stop selling it please!"


I have found they work best together by applying the CRACKZAPIT first to any open areas, then apply the O'Keefe's. Then enjoy your painfree healing hands! "