Honey Provides 'Stick' for CrackZapIt!, But What Else? Possible Medicinal Benefits

Traditional 'folk medicine' has made very positive claims for the medicinal benefits of honey to help heal wounds and burns, as an embalming substance, and more, for literally centuries!

Modern science looked down on 'natural medicine', especially after discovering and using anti-biotics in the early 20th century. But in contemporary times, after some pathogens, germs, developed a resistance to those 'wonder drugs', science has since taken another look!

Anyone can look for themselves by entering 'medicinal properties of honey' in a Google Search box.

Better than that, so you don't miss it, go to http://www.health-benefits-of-honey.com/

I personally have chosen not to make any medicinal claims for CrackZapIt! or it's ingredients other than it is a soothing cosmetic that has sure worked wonders in helping MY body heal bleeding finger cracks quickly!

But for your interest, I'll share here a few of the claims from laboratory studies information that you can find doing a simple google search:

  • It is a 'humectant', as it is 'hygroscopic'. That apparently means it 'sucks' moisture out of the air, and lends it to the skin it's put on.

     So while it is filling a crack and keeping the air out, it is also creating a moist environment that is supposed to be good for growing new tissue and disappearing that crack!
  • It contains anti-oxidants. OK, you'll have to look all that stuff up about that. The gist I get is that oxidation takes place naturally in the body.

    But that oxidation causes the formation of some chemicals called 'free radicals' (sounds political). Those guys do harm, and so 'anti' oxidants are needed to combat them. In skin care, this means rejuvenation!
  • Honey is anti-bacterial. One of its anti-oxidants that is also anti-bacterial, it's claimed, is 'pinocembrin.'
  • Also, it contains peroxide which we all know to be a killer of bad germs.

Now, I've just barely skimmed the surface of what you'll find on the first Google search page! If you want to investigate these claims, it'll be very easy.

I personally really like the honey and the large amount of it I've put in CrackZapIt! and I believe a lot of the claims that are made about it.

BUT I DON'T MAKE THOSE CLAIMS HERE. We all have to decide these things for ourselves.

I put them here for your interest only and so you can see why I selected it to be a substantial part of CrackZapIt!

Enjoy your Google re-search!

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