Grapefruit-Seed-Extract Is Claimed To Do WHAT?

When I researched GSE...grapefruit-seed-extract, I was amazed at the number of extremely positive claims/studies re this ingredient!

I'll list the highlights below.

By the way, I used grapefruit-seed-extract in my formula for CrackZapIt! basically as a natural preservative, just to go the 'extra mile.'

But remember, it's up to you to make up your own mind about these claims for grapefruit seed extract...the information on which to make your own decision is just a few clicks away!

First, I found it interesting that grapefruit were discovered by Europeans in the Caribbean sometime in the 1600's. (Pirates, Treasure, AND an awesome fruit!)

But the big discovery came in the late 20th century by way of a Dr. Jacob Harich...interesting story there... who was exploring fruits and vegetables in a quest to discover natural medicines.

He seemed to hit pay dirt with GSE. Grapefruit seed extract is claimed to benefit in the following ways (and a bunch of others not listed here!):

  • Clears infections, but without disturbing the body's natural immune functions. Synthetic anti-biotics usually kill the 'good germs', too.
  • It's apparently 'anti-microbial'.

    In fact, one source mentioned that grapefruit seed extract had been used in Brazil as a pre-surgery, prep/scrub up that was found to be 100% effective! (That could be great for you campers to take with you!)

    Do you know the difference between 'anti-bacterial' and 'anti-microbial'? I didn't either! But this is what I found: 'anti-biotics' are ANY substance that kills germs.

    'Anti-microbials' are 'good bugs' that kill 'bad bugs' Not too technical, but you get the idea.
  • The body, research suggests, is in need of alkaline substances to help bring down an unhealthy acid level. This extract is VERY alkaline and does a great job of this.
  • Anti bacterial AND anti viral. That's a big claim, and a very interesting one. Killing viruses is more challenging than killing just plain old 'bugs'. By far. (Think about it).
  • Grapefruit seed extract is a safe, effective preservative. In one report I saw, this was a controversial point, but a majority of sources supported it.

    I chose to believe it, and that's why I used it in CrackZapIt!

    If even a small portion of the claims above prove out...WOW! What a great addition to the best finger crack 'zapper' I've ever used!

    Remember, check it out yourself!

    After that, do yourself a huge favor and get some CrackZapIt!

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